Savour! Fee Policy

  1. “Service Fee” means an agreed percentage of the amount paid by a customer to the merchant per transaction is to be paid to SAVOUR! by the last day of each month or as may be revised by SAVOUR! from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion. If such revisions occur, SAVOUR! shall notify the Merchant in 3 business days and allow the Merchant to reconsider the Agreement.
  2. The agreed percentage is the percentage of price of each listed product or service on SAVOUR!’s website. SAVOUR! will deduct the agreed percentage from the total amount the customer has paid for the products or services procured before paying the remaining to the Merchant. The percentage different for each type of product or service are as follows:
    1. For sponsorship (i.e. vouchers, any products from F&B, corporate gifts, supply materials and event rental services) ---- 0%
    2. For expiring, blemished and surplus food for all company type except social enterprises ---- 5%
    3. For expiring, blemished and surplus food for social enterprises ---- 2.5%
    4. Commission across all product categories,other than expiring,blemish and surplus food, for social enterprises and non-profit organisations ----5%
    5. For manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers that list regular groceries ---- 10%
    6. For restaurants, cafes, caterers, snack stalls and bakeries that list catered food, finger food, bread, pastries and drinks ---- 10%
    7. For non-food items such as corporate gifts, supply materials and event rental services ---- 10%

Last Updated: 28 June 2020