B2B client FAQ

What benefits does Savour! offer?

SAVOUR! provides you with access to over 60 merchants within our platform, enabling you to conveniently source for products to meet your business needs. Purchasing directly from local businesses and social enterprises will reduce the time you spend on sourcing, while allowing you to better manage your business expenses.

What features does SAVOUR! have to help me with procurement and sponsorship?

We have an in-built dashboard for you to view your orders and sponsorship bids at a glance. You can easily place orders and apply for sponsorships, make payments, and keep track of your order statuses within the SAVOUR! platform. Any inquiries and customisation requests can be made directly with the merchant on the platform as well, thus enabling a fuss-free procurement experience with SAVOUR!.

How can I purchase from my existing suppliers/sponsors through SAVOUR!?

If you have an existing supplier or sponsor you would like to see on SAVOUR!’s platform, please feel free to drop us an email at hello@savourapp.co and we will get back to you within 2-5 working days time. We will reach out to the supplier or sponsor to discuss the possibilities of having them onboard our platform.

What is Savour!’s social and environmental mission?

Savour! aims to reduce food wastage by listing expiring, blemished and surplus food from our F&B merchant partners on our platform for corporate orders and sponsorships. Savour! also aims to empower nonprofits, SMEs and social enterprises by digitalising their procurement processes to bring monetary and resource savings while boosting sales and publicity efforts.

What would constitute a B2B customer?

If you belong to a department or team in a company, non-profit organization or a school club and are making purchases or applying for sponsorships on behalf, you are considered a B2B customer.

What products can I get from Savour!’s platform?

Savour! is an all-in-one platform that enables you to source and acquire the necessary food and beverages, office supply materials, corporate gifts and event rental services for your operations, programs, and events. On our platform, you can find merchants like MNCs, SMEs, startups and social enterprises offering products at competitive prices, in-kind sponsorships, and bulk, corporate and charity discounts of up to 50% off.

How do I know that I am getting the best prices on Savour!’s platform?

Savour! works closely with our merchants to offer the best prices possible for your procurement needs. The prices, discounts and sponsorships offered within SAVOUR! are kept at competitive ranges and are offered exclusively on our platform.

Are your prices inclusive of GST?

Yes, all prices inclusive.

Are there any fees for signing up for an account as a B2B customer?

Nope, it is free for you to sign up for an account, browse our platform and apply for sponsorships. We only charge a 2.5% platform fee for every purchase made and a 1% platform fee for every successful sponsorship awarded.

How many days or weeks must I order in advance?

The minimum days/weeks to order in advance varies depending on the merchant. It ranges from 1 day in advance to 4 weeks in advance. You can find the minimum days/weeks to order in advance associated with your order reflected on the item listing on Savour!’s platform.

Are delivery fees charged to the customer or covered by the merchant?

Delivery fees vary per merchant. If a merchant offers free delivery above a minimum order cost, the customer would not need to pay any delivery fees. However, if a merchant does not offer free delivery or order is below the minimum order cost to qualify for free delivery, delivery fees may apply. You can find the delivery charges associated with your order reflected on the item listing on Savour!’s platform.

How does the collection process work?

When ordering, you will indicate the preferred method of collection, which is either self-collection at the store or delivery to your indicated address, as well as the preferred collection day and time. If you choose self-collection at the store, you will download and log into Savour!’s mobile app, swipe and show the e-voucher to the store employee to successfully redeem it. If you choose delivery to your indicated address, you can do so on the app to the delivery man.

When can I expect my order delivery?

You can expect to receive your delivery on the stipulated collection date and time on your order that you selected at the checkout page. Otherwise, you will be notified by the merchant accordingly.

Can I make special requests or customise my order?

Special requests for your order and your customisation preferences can be indicated in the comments section of your order when ordering.

Where do you deliver to? Can you deliver to only one location or a few locations?

You will be able to indicate your preferred delivery address before placing your order on SAVOUR!’s platform. Our partnering merchants will deliver your orders to the stipulated address listed on your order information. For specific locations like Sentosa and Jurong Island, kindly liaise with the merchant regarding delivery possibilities.

What payment options do I have?

You can opt to complete your payment on SAVOUR!’s platform via bank transfer, Paynow, Visa, or MasterCard. The bank transfer and Paynow option has zero transaction fees. If the credit card option is chosen, additional transaction fees may apply.

How do I make payments for my orders?

Once you have checked out your order, the merchant will be notified to accept or reject your order within a few days. Once the merchant has accepted your order, you will be notified on the platform and through email to make payment within a few days. Once you have made payment, the payment will be verified by the Savour! team and you will be notified on the platform and through email that your payment is successful and your order has been confirmed.

Is it cash on delivery, receive first then pay later, or pay first then receive later?

Customers would make payment first then receive the orders later.

Do you provide invoices for orders placed on SAVOUR!?

We will provide you with an e-receipt for every purchase made.

Do I need to request quotations or a product catalogue from merchants on our platform?

You do not have to contact the merchant to request quotations on our platform. The product listings, prices, discounts and sponsorships would be clearly listed on our platform, so you can simply add to cart and check out.

I need to source for some items that I can’t find on SAVOUR!, can you help me with this?

If you would like to source items that are not available on Savour!, please submit a request to us via hello@savourapp.co. We will get back to you as soon as possible regarding how we can best facilitate your request.

What is SAVOUR!'s Return Policy?

Simply share your issue with us within 1 day from your delivery/collection time. We will carry out an investigation and get back to you soon. We will also notify the merchant partner so that this issue would not be repeated. SAVOUR! will evaluate each return request and decide on the refund amount or exchange on a case-by-case basis.

I did not receive my order at the indicated day and time. What should I do?

You can use the support function in the history tab for either the mobile app or the web app. There, you can indicate to us your issue and we will help to resolve the issue within 2-5 working days.

If you prefer email support, please contact Savour!’s customer support team at hello@savourapp.co with the subject title: Goods Not Received At Chosen Slot from [Merchant Name]. Kindly list your order information and details about the goods you received such as what you actually received, and attach an image of the product. We will review your case and get back to you within 2 to 5 working days.

The item(s) I received were defective, damaged, missing or incorrect. What should I do?

Please contact Savour!’s customer support team at hello@savourapp.co with the subject title: Defective/ Damaged/ Incorrect Goods Received from [Merchant Name]. Kindly list your contact details, order information and details about the goods you received such as what you actually received, and attach an image of the product. We will review your case and get back to you within 2 to 5 working days.

I would like to modify my order. How should I do so?

You will be able to modify your product delivery date and time in the Orders tab. But do note that modifications are subjected to the merchant’s approval. In the event that you would need to make urgent changes to your order, please contact the merchant directly.

I would like to cancel my order. What do I do?

You will be able to cancel your order on Savour!’s platform. The option is made available in Orders > Edit > Cancel/ Modify Order. Do note that refunds will not be offered for cancellations made five days before the stipulated collection/ delivery date.