Savour! SUCCESS STORY - The Ultimate Green Chef Event x Savour!

At Savour!, we aim to reduce food wastage whenever possible, so we were thrilled at the opportunity to work with Kebun Baru CC on The Ultimate Green Chef event that happened on 14 August 2022. 

Kebun Baru had hosted a series of sustainable cooking contests that tapped on expiring / blemished/surplus food that was still in good condition to use as the raw ingredients for the contests.  

Savour! was able to procure both frozen and fresh food items such as fish fillet, chicken wings, and chicken breasts at extremely discounted rates to use as the main ingredients for the contests. 

The participants thoroughly enjoyed coming up with a myriad of dishes given the ingredients provided by Kebun Baru CC and Savour!, and many delicious foods were created! 

“On behalf of Kebun Baru CC, we'd like to thank Savour! for supporting The Ultimate Green Chef Campaign and will definitely recommend more of our colleagues to collaborate with Savour! in the future!” - Gary Tan, youth volunteer at Nee Soon GRC 

We would like to thank Kebun Baru CC for offering us this opportunity to help make this event possible, and for their support throughout this initiative. We are really glad that we were able to contribute to reducing food wastage and also to raising awareness about sustainable food practices! 


Written by Melissa

Melissa is the Business Development & Operation Intern at Savour!