Our Story

Savour! is a social enterprise started by a group of NUS and SUTD undergraduates who came together as they are passionate about tackling the cause of food wastage and food insecurity in Singapore.

What inspired our team to pursue this idea was because having had prior experience procuring items for events and activities for non-profit organizations and school clubs as well as conducting market research survey with the event planners of many other non-profit organizations and school clubs, we learnt that many smaller organisations, lack brand recognition, reputation and budget while the bigger organizations may not need what is offered to them by companies. There is a common issue faced among all B2B customers which is the significant amount of time and energy wasted sending out mass cold emails which is mostly replied. If B2B customers cannot get sponsored or receive bulk discounts at times, they will have to buy it at regular prices even if there are other discounts out there as they do not know where else to look. The partnership is usually one-off so B2B customers ned to constantly relook for new sponsors for their next event and activity.

Moreover, having spoken to many different types of merchants, we also found that many are spammed by lots of cold emails asking for sponsorship and bulk discounts from B2B customers. However, there is a mismatch between what is requested and what can be offered due to communication. Many merchants are unsure of which B2B customers to best sponsor or give bulk discounts to and can only think of big names. There is a lot of unnecessary time and energy spent on liaising and coordination between both sides. Moreover, they usually have no idea about the ability of B2B customers to deliver on agreed publicity requirements. Furthermore, they are always looking for ways to clear inventory and gain more publicity.

Hence, our team saw the need to come up with a solution to help both merchants and B2B customers through creating a platform that is able to tackle all of the above problems faced by both sides to make the procurement process between merchants and B2B customers more effective and efficient.