Bethel Community Services - CNY Fundraiser Distribution Update

With the $440 dollars raised through our Chinese New Year fundraiser on Give. Asia, Savour!’s team went down to Bethel Community Services’ headquarters to carry out the Chinese New Year Fundraiser Distribution initiative. Where the team distributed Savour! Gift bags with CNY goodies and grocery vouchers to purchase additional food items for their CNY meals.

Bethel Community Services works with the objective to initiate, assist and organize activities and schemes of social for the alleviation of poverty, suffering, ignorance or ill health whether physical or mental, without limitation of age, sex, race, nationality, religion or moral character, by the provision of assistance, education, training, services or counselling.

These gift bags were distributed to each of the 25 low-income family beneficiaries with the aim of encouraging family reunion meals.

Elijah Xu, Case Coordinator at Bethel Community Services, says that, at Bethel, they always aim to be a blessing to the community, especially during the CNY season when the beneficiaries in the community can have something to share with their families. This is when Savour! collaborated with Bethel Community Services for their CNY fundraising initiative.

“With the funds raised through Savour!’s campaign, we were able to purchase even more stuff to be able to bless our beneficiaries with things such as vouchers and other CNY goodies and gifts. Due to all these items Bethel could be a better blessing to the people” - Elijah Xu, Case Coordinator at Bethel Community Services

Savour! would once again like to thank all our donors who supported us generously throughout this initiative and made it possible. Please continue supporting us for such future initiatives.

Savour! sincerely hopes to make this year's Chinese New Year a bit more special for our charity partners, Brighton connection and Bethel Community Services, and their beneficiaries, with this initiative.

You can keep a lookout for videos and photos from our initiative, you can check our social media pages on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Telegram. 

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Written by Madhupriya Rao

Madhupriya Rao is a Communications and Marketing Intern at Savour!